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 My First 5k

It's been 3 weeks since my first 5k run but it's only now I'm writing about it. 
It was amazing.
I can't believe I finished it.

Me and my Mom on race day.

There were over 800 men, women and children at the run. I was a bit nervous because I could have got in more training before the race but life and kids got in the way. The course was tough and had some hills. One of them was called "Cardiac Hill". It was a tough course for my first 5k but I finished it.

I made some mistakes that I said I wouldn't do. I started out way too fast. I nearly didn't make the first mile mark. I had to stop and get my breath back. Steady myself. When I did get my shit in gear I was doing ok until I got to the bottom of Cardiac Hill. That hill was like trying to go up the wall of the house. No way I could run up there so I walked like everybody else did. Once I got to the top of the hill it was all down hill from there. I got a good pace going and my breathing was good. 

At the bottom of Cardiac Hill.

When I turned into the finish line I got overwhelmed. I could feel tears building up. I had finished it. I was done. I was so proud of myself. My time was 35.04. Not too bad considering the course.

Darkness into Light 5k

What can I say.
It was AMAZING!!

I never thought getting up at 1.30am would be so easy but it was.
I never thought I would be able to run 5k at 4 in the morning but I did and it was the best I've ever run.

Got up at 1.30am. Crazy right? But this was for such an amazing cause to run for. Nearly 5000 people and a lot of dogs turned up to run and walk this 5k for Pieta House. It rained the whole time we were there but I didn't dampen the spirits of anyone there.

I managed to run the first 3k non stop and I was surprised because I'm only back training after being sick for a month. No running done in 5 weeks but I did ok. I had to walk for some of the 4k because it rained so much I couldn't see where I was going. When I took off my glass and tried to run without them I ended up in a big puddle of water. I decided it was safer all round if I walked until I could see again.

The rain finally lightened off and I was able to jog home. I finished in a time of 33 minutes which was a whole two minutes faster that my last run. I am so happy with my time and even happier that I got up to run this race.

Me, My mom, Sister and her boyfriend after the race.

After the race, I wrote the names of some people that are not with us any more. They sadly took their live through suicide. It was so sad to see so many names on the "Banner of Hope". But if this run proved anything, it proved there is a huge group of people around the country who haven't given up hope yet.

Nearly 30,000 people all around the country took part and I'm glad that I was one of those.
RIP Paul, Caroline, Aine and Fionnula. 
Gone but never forgotten.

Happy Monday everyone!
Never give up hope.

Abbey 5k

The 5k that I ran last Sunday went great. It turned out to be a 6k race. My sister and brother did it with me. They both rocked it.  It was their first race ever. My brother ran it like it was a piece of cake. He did the 6k in about 42 minutes. My sister and I did it a little slower. She did amazing. She ran the most of it but we walked when we had to. We did it in 47.52. I was happy with myself too. It felt easy. It felt natural. I was going at a slower pace but it was one of my favourite races yet.

I'm so proud of them for finishing. My brother has even sighed up to run the 10k with me in July.

Crappy picture but this is me and my sister crossing the finish line.

<couch to 5k> <running>

Run Killarney 10k

I'm finally getting around to writing my Run Kilarney 10k recap on this run.
It was so hot.
Like 31 degrees.
The day before we had to go collect our race packs.
I was so excited to get my pack and see all the goodies and my t shirt.
We got to the race about a hour before the race to get parking and warm up.
There were over 1250 people taking part in the 10k.
I really didn't know how I was going to handle the heat.
Walked to the start line and the atmosphere was amazing. 
My brother did it with me.
It was his first 10k ever.
Everyone was ready to go.

I managed to jog the first 3.5k.
I took my time and I went as slow as I needed.
I wasn't going to break and records or anything.
Getting back the the hotel without fainting or needing a ride in the medic van was my goal.
My brother is alot taller than me.
His legs are at least a foot longer than mine.
Once we started running he left me for dust.
Damn those long legs. Ha!

There was supposed to be a water station at 3.5k.
There wasn't!
I needed water.
I think the fact that I thought it was going to be there and it wasn't mad it worse.
I got so thirsty.
It was a mental thing more than a physical thing.
I decided to walk so I wouldn't get too hot and dehydrate.
I didn't get water until 4.5k.
I took 2 bottles so I would have enough to keep me going until 8.5k.
The views while I was jogging/walking were amazing.
It really took my mind off the fact that I wasn't doing my greatest.
I ended up walking until the next water station.
My legs were tightening up and I was afraid they would cramp

It was tough.
I hate running in the heat.
And this heat was just awful.
I continued to walk until I came back onto the road and saw the hotel in the distance.
Seeing the hotel and the finish line gave the kick in the butt I needed to run home.
I managed to jog most of the last kilometer home and finished 1h 33min with a smile on my face.
It wasn't an amazing time but I didn't think I was going to break any records.

I wasn't my best run but I did it and I finished it.
If I could change anything I would ask Mother Nature to turn down the heat and have more water stations.
We're not used to the heat in Ireland and the organizers should have put in more water through put the race.

I'm going to do it next year again and this time I'm going to be running and not walking.

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