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20 questions: Getting to know the Blogger

Welcome back to another installment of 20 Questions : Getting to know the Blogger. This week we're talking to Laura over at love, life and little ones. A busy Dublin based Mom of 2 with another one one the way. Blogging about all things beauty, parent and lifestyle related.
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Hi, My name is Laura Doyle and my blog is Love, Life and Little Ones. I am a 28 year old mum of two (three in March 2016) and part time beauty therapist! I have a 6 year old son and a 17 month old daughter. Married to the love of my life and blogging about all things beauty, parent and lifestyle related.

Favourite childhood book. 
Growing up I was the biggest book worm out there- I remember being told it was bedtime and lights out growing up but reading under my covers with a little torch! I don't get to read as much now being a busy mum but I do when I can! I loved Jacqueline Wilson growing up so anything by her was always my favs!

Favourite quote. 
"Where there is a will there is a way" 
Nothing is impossible in this world and that is definitely a quote I live by!

Favourite clothing store.
For myself I love Zara, h&m or penneys!! 
For the kids next and h&m!

Favourite song/band. 
At the moment I am loving Adele and Justin Bieber but I am a big Lana Del Ray fan too! 

Biggest fear. 
People in my family dying or me dying and not being around to raise my kids. It gives me a lot of anxiety but I try not to think to much about it!

Any piercings/tattoos.
So in my time I've had a lot of piercings. Ears 4 times, inner ear, top of my ear, tongue, lip, belly button and nipple 🙊 and I have two tattoos!

Weird quirk of mine.
I get really anxious when something is lost so toys or clothes or jewellery or anything I like it all to have a specific spot. I like category's of toys in my sons room in separate boxes! 

Something I like to collect. 
As a kid I loved to collect call cards! 

Favourite comfort food.
I am 8 months pregnant so right now everything. Carbs mostly. But everything from fruit to sweets to crisps to choc just everything!!!! 

Dream job. 
I always wanted to be a singer growing up. But literally I am doing my dream job as a beauty therapist I really love it. 

Favourite thing about me.
I am very thoughtful and caring towards others especially my family. I wish more people were like that. 

Worst habit.
Not cleaning as I go!! It does my husbands head in! 

Guilty pleasure. 
Pretty Little Liars! 

Something you miss.
Weekend lie ins!!!!

3 things you would take to an island
My family!

Last time you cried.
We had a little scare with the baby last week so I cried all day! But everything is fine. This pregnancy has me crying a lot! Happy, sad or otherwise!!

If I won the lotto.
I sound naive saying this but I wouldn't want our lives to change too much. Obviously I would by a huge house in the area I aspire to live in one say. 

What makes me feel better, always.
My husband. As corny as it sounds he is my rock. He is like my councilor. A hug from him and a chat to talk something through and everything is all better, always.

Where I most want to travel.
The Maldives! It just looks like the most beautiful place in the world!! I will go, someday! 

Where I want to be in 10 years. 
In 10 years I want to be happy and healthy. Such a cliche answer I know but your health and family are really all that matters in this world! And I couldn't be happier than I am now. So I hope I am just as I am in 10 years... 

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