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Hello friends and Welcome to My Country Girl Ramblings. My name is Caroline! I'm a born and breed Irish Caílin (girl).  Love this little country. The weather could do with being a little dryer and warmer but I love it. I grew up running through fields chasing butterflies with my dogs and I want that for my kids too. I'm a full time mother to two beautiful kids, wife, crafter, sometimes runner, cake baker, equestrian, chocolate addict, instagramer, foodie and so much more.. and this is my blog! My corner of the world wide web where I write about all of my crazy ramblings as an Irish country Mama. I'd love to get to know you as well, so grab a cuppa and stick around a while. 

I love cooking, baking, photography and all things crafty. I love all things country. From being outdoors in the woods with me kid to bringing the outdoors inside in the way I decorate my house  . I've been riding horses for over 20 years and I don't see that stopping anytime soon. I'm a total girl too and love fashion. I have a thing for a good pair of jeans and own far too many lots of shoes. Still searching for the perfect way to curl my hair.

This is me and the hubs on our wedding day. We met 12 years ago and we're married 8 years. We met through our love for horse. We even had a horse drawn carriage on our wedding day. Love him to bits even if I do wanna strangle him something. :) He's a Kerry man and I'm a Limerick woman which is never good. It's a good that I support his county in football.

This is my princess. She is the one that made me a Mom. Jasmin Michelle was born on November 13, 2007 at 7.12pm, weighing in at a tiny 6lbs 15ozs. She is old and wise beyond her 7 years. She is a major daddies girl. She loves custard, all kinds of animals, bed time stories and  angry birds. She was born with part of her left hand missing but it doesn't stop her from doing anything. What she lacks in her hand she makes up for in personality. I think she'll break some hearts some day.

Patrick Daniel or Paddy as we call him is my little man. He was due on my sisters birthday December 15 but didn't arrive until December 29, 2011 at 5.56am, weighing in at 8lbs 9.5 ozs. My midwife said he was going to be evicted one way or another. He's a laid back kinda guy and loves his sister so much already. He lights up when he sees her. He is a Mama's boy through and through. He loves Mickey Mouse, eating, hanging out in his big sis' room and climbing. He may be the cause of me having a heart attack if he doesn't stop climbing.

And that's us. Have a seat and take a look around. You might find a recipe or craft that you like. I love to connect with other Mothers and bloggers so leave a comment and I'll have a look too.

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