Sunday, 29 July 2012

7 month photo.

Today this little guy turns 7 months. What!! where has the time gone. I mean it only feels like yesterday i was pregnant and worried i'd be in hospital for Christmas .

Whats happening with him at the mo?

Teeth: NOTHING!! Not a single tooth has decided to pop up. His drooling like a St. Bernard but no teeth. I can see the little buggers just under the gum, sitting there like their teasing me. He's not complaining much so i won't complain.

Eating: EVERYTHING!! I'm mean he eats whatever i give him. Loves his food so much that he screams between bits if I'm not quick enough with it. Not sure he's a big fan of parsnip though.

Sleep: Has slept through since he was a week and a half and is still doing it. Best baby ever!!!

Skills: He is now clapping hands like a pro and will even do it if you ask him too. He looks so proud and happy when he does it.

Talking: He started saying " ya ya ya ya ya" the other day. Lots of other letter noises but i think he's taking is time. There are two very talkative women in the house after all.

Crawling: No crawling yet. Can't sit himself up yet but will stay sitting up where ever you put him for a good length of time. Still hates being on his belly but is able to turn over himself now so doesn't complain about it. He's also started pulling himself forward with his hands when he's on his belly. Looks kind funny.

Still a very happy baby, lots of laughing at his sister not much crying (thank god) Likes to be stuck in everything and get his hand on anything he can (Jasmin's hair).

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Crafty Creations: Christmas in July??

So it's a normal Saturday here... bored and stuck inside cos of the rain. I promised Jasmin that we'd do a pintrest project and today was the day. So she started looking and THIS is what she picked, which is how we ended up with "Christmas in July".

So this is what you need to get started.

  • Some old white socks
  • Some old coloured or patterned socks
  • Rubber bands
  • Buttons
  • Felt (orange and black)
  • Rice
  • Googly eyes (that's what jasmin calls them)
  • Yogurt pot
  • Hot glue gun

First cut the foot part off of your sock. You only need the tube part. This is great if you have socks that are worn or have holes in them.

Next turn the tube part of your sock inside out and wrap a rubber band around the bottom. Make sure it is wrapped tightly.

 Then turn it inside out again so the rubber band is on the inside.

Fill the sock with rice. Be sure to push the rice down as you go. This will stretch the sock a bit and make it so you get a nice plump snowman in the end. Then, close the top by wrapping another rubber band around the top.

Now it's time to dress your snowman. Take your patterned sock and cut it either side of the heel.  The tub part will be the jumper and the toe bit will be it's hat. I was going to use twine but couldn't find it so i used the rubber bands to divide up the body.

Half way through Jasmin came up with the idea to use her yogurt pot as the daddy snowman's hat. I just covered it with black felt to make it look like a real hat.

Next you add your embellishments. Eyes, nose, buttons etc... I chose to hot glue them on cos it's faster and i wanted to test out my new toy. I think I'm in love. I also added a scarf to the littlest snowman.

And there you have it-  The cutest little family of snowmen I've ever seen. It only took about 30 minutes to make the whole lot and it going to fit in very well on my kitchen window come December 1st.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

{Recipe} Rhubarb Trat

My grandmother made to most yummy apple and rhubarb pies ever. I have tried and tried to get my pies to taste the same but i fail every time. (It could be the fact the s she was a smoker and i am not. Maybe that's what i'm missing. hehe!)

Any way this is mine go at it. I use twice the flour to fat. i use 11 oz of flour to 5.5 oz of fat. That makes enough pastry for 1 pie and a little bit left over for the small lady to make something. Just add sugar and water and your set.

First add the butter to the flour.

Then rub the butter and flour until it looks like bread crumbs.

Add two spoons of sugar and stir. Add the water a little at a time. Just enough water to bring it together.

When you have it brought together it should look like this. 

Wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

My grandmother always put a few knobs of butter in the pie, (don't know why but what harm can it do.)

Cook for 30 to 40 minutes at 200C and serve it with custard and cream (hubs favorite)


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Crafty Creations.

So every mother I know has t-shirts belonging to their kids that are covered in sauce stains or some other nastiness that no mater how much you scrub wont come out.
 So what do you do?
 Do you throw them away?
 No!! You do THIS
I earned some cool mom points here for sure.

You will need:
Old t-shirt
An Iron
Tea towel

First you write or draw on the sandpaper with crayon. If your writing a name or word make sure you write it back to front so it comes out right way round on the shirt. (took me two goes to get it right)

Next put it on the t-shirt where you want it, place a tea towel on top and iron it with a cool iron for as long as you need to get the desired result.

 And this is what you get!! A super cool one of a kind t-shirt. It did fade after I washed it but it was a cool project to do. I did a "Lil Bro" onesie too. Very cute. Enjoy!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

My first post.

So today I say hello to the blogging world from this side. I always wanted to do a blog but thought where would i find the time. So instead of looking at rubbish on the net for an hour in the evening, I'm gona blog.

So let me tell you about me.

I'm a 27 year old SAHM with two kids. I love doing crafty things, the outdoors, my horses and veggie out in front of the tv. I've been married for 5 years to a man i sometime wana strangle but love him none the less.  I have two great kids that i love to bits. Life is good!
My first born, Jasmin, is 4 and a half ( cant forget the half) and she never runs out of energy. Wish i had some of her energy sometimes. She is wild and crazy but i woudln't change her.
My second born, Patrick, is 6 and a half months now and i really think he is an angel from heaven. Never complains... ever. Slept through at 10 days old and hasn't stopped. Happiest little fella ever.

Now i have to leave it at that for awhile cos my little fella is looking for his momma. Will add pics soon.


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