Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Traditions

We all have traditions that make Christmas special for our family.
When I had my kids I started thinking about traditions I wanted to start with my family.
Today I'm sharing some of our old and new traditions that we love doing every year.

School Holidays means pancakes in our house.
Chocolate chip Christmas shaped pancakes.
They love these.

Every year I sit down with a big mug of hot chocolate, the Christmas TV guide and a highlighter and mark off all the movies that we're going to watch over the holidays.

It's not Christmas until you've seen the big man in the red suit.
Little Man was in LOVE with Ho ho ho.
That's what he calls him.

One of my faviourite places to go every year is Listowel Garden Center. 
They have, hands down, the best Christmas display I have ever seen.
They transform the entire shop into a winter wonderland with every kind of decoration you can imagine.
Christmas Bliss!!

This is a new tradition.
I made up nice list certificates and letters from Santa for the kids.
Jasmin was over the moon to hear from Santa and to see she was on the Nice list.
I whipped up a little chocolate bar wrapper too just for the heck of it.
I found these adorable printab;le Santa letters on Pinterest.
Where else, right!?
They were so much fun for the kids to use.
You can read all about them here.

Christmas Cards for her school friends is a very important tradition for Jasmin.
Even though they are very time consuming, she would be devastated if we didn't do them.
What's Christmas without 30 plus hand written cards?

For the past two years we've gone to Jasmins Christmas show and It was the highlight of my Christmas so for this year.
She was an Angel.
But no ordinary Angel.
She put her heart of soul into every move and shake and sang her heart out.
She even  scolded me for not clapping enough all the way from the stage.
(apparently, trying to hold her brother up to see was NOT an good enough excuse)

The last tradition I love doing is my Christmas Eve box.
I fill a big box with new pj's for everyone, sweets, popcorn, hot chocolate, Christmas movies, and anything else that takes my fancy.
I'll be doing a post in that when I've got it made up, so keep an eye out for it.

Do you have any traditions that I missed out that I just have to do.
Share them with me.
I'm always wanting to add some more.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Favourite Free Christmas Fonts

I love Christmas!
Everything is just extra fancy.
Even Fonts.

I love making up printable and prints for around the house.
So, today I'm sharing my favourite links to my favourite FREE fonts.
I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did.

I've used some of these to make printables and cards for family.
I LOVE them.

Now go use them.

Merry Christmas!!

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