Sunday, 29 July 2012

7 month photo.

Today this little guy turns 7 months. What!! where has the time gone. I mean it only feels like yesterday i was pregnant and worried i'd be in hospital for Christmas .

Whats happening with him at the mo?

Teeth: NOTHING!! Not a single tooth has decided to pop up. His drooling like a St. Bernard but no teeth. I can see the little buggers just under the gum, sitting there like their teasing me. He's not complaining much so i won't complain.

Eating: EVERYTHING!! I'm mean he eats whatever i give him. Loves his food so much that he screams between bits if I'm not quick enough with it. Not sure he's a big fan of parsnip though.

Sleep: Has slept through since he was a week and a half and is still doing it. Best baby ever!!!

Skills: He is now clapping hands like a pro and will even do it if you ask him too. He looks so proud and happy when he does it.

Talking: He started saying " ya ya ya ya ya" the other day. Lots of other letter noises but i think he's taking is time. There are two very talkative women in the house after all.

Crawling: No crawling yet. Can't sit himself up yet but will stay sitting up where ever you put him for a good length of time. Still hates being on his belly but is able to turn over himself now so doesn't complain about it. He's also started pulling himself forward with his hands when he's on his belly. Looks kind funny.

Still a very happy baby, lots of laughing at his sister not much crying (thank god) Likes to be stuck in everything and get his hand on anything he can (Jasmin's hair).

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