Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chocolate Rice Krispie Hearts : A Valentines Treat

With Valentines Day less than a month away (how did that happen?) I thought it was time for some easy Valentines inspired ideas on this little blog of mine.

I love a theme.
I love making Jasmins lunch go with whatever holiday we have coming up. 
And for me nothing says valentines more than chocolate and hearts.

All you nee to do is melt chocolate and add rice krispies. 
Freeze them in a cookie sheet or a flat dish.
I always put mine in the freezer but you could let them set on the counter too.

Get your cookie cutters and cut out the heart shapes.
I had a little problem here.
I didn't make mine chocolaty enough.
So they started to fall apart a little.
Tip: don't add too much cereal. Doh!

Next melt some white chocolate buttons and using a fork, drizzle the chocolate over the hearts.
Guess what?
You're done.

Now go show your kids and let them tell you how amazing you are for making this simple treat.
Feels great to get so much love for such a little thing.

If you're looking for another easy valentines recipe check out My Valentines cookies from last year.
They were delicious!

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