Thursday, 12 June 2014

{craft} Fathers Day Trophies

I've gone a little Dad crazy this week with the posts but I promise this is the last one.
This is a little craft that we did last year for the hubs, my dad and the godfathers.
They absolutely loved them and my Dad has his sitting on a shelf all year round.

(sorry for the phone pictures. Last minute job this morning. bad blogger)

All you need:
Gold/Silver spray paint
Broken Jewelry

Just cut out the shape of your trophy and spray it gold.
Simple glue all the paste shapes onto the card with PVA glue.
Stick jewels and sprinkle glitter.
There's no rules to what you can out in them, this is just what we did.
They can take a bit of time to dry so make it a few days in advance.

Present it to Dad and tell him he's you number 1.

Simple as that.
I hope you've enjoyed the Father's Day posts as much as I have this week.

Now, I'm heading to the park to get some much needed vit. D.
Hello Mr. Sunshine.
You have been missed.
Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

  1. How pretty! A trophy that any dad would be proud to receive :)


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