Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Potato Print Christmas cards

We had a very busy afternoon here making Christmas cards. Yes, I said Christmas cards. Please don't hate me but I love Christmas and the older my kids get the more I love it. They are the reason behind all the magic and I love making magic memories with them.

These potato print cards are all over pinterest and they are so easy to do. We the potato whole and then got cookie cutters to make shapes on our cards. Jasmin used her thumb to make a lovely wreath. I wrote the Merry Christmas with my new favourite gold sharpie, that I got in Aldi of all places. I can see lots of things written in gold sharpie in the near future.

These really are the easiest thing to do and the kids had lots of fun messing with the paint.

Make sure to head on over to Our Little House in the Country for more potato print ideas.

Don't forget to join in on my #30thankfuldays2014 photo challenge on my social media accounts. I've found some very thankful ladies through this challenge and can't wait for the link up at the end. You ca find the link to my social media accounts below.

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