Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Out & About : Checkers Cafe and Crazy Golf

Last week my daughter and I got invited to a birthday party at a lovely little place in Ballybunion called Checkers Cafe. The Cafe is located in Ballybunion Golf Holiday Homes only 1 km from the world famous Ballybunion Golf Club and 2 km from the vibrant bustling seaside town of Ballybunion.
The birthday party was great fun. The girls were taken upstairs where they would be baking cupcakes. They mixed their own ingredents and made the cupcakes. While they were baking, they went outside to play mini golf on the amazing 18 hole miniature version of Ballybunion’s world famous Old Course complete with well-known landmarks strategically placed around the course. You can read about the names and history of each hole.

Then they had food and got to play checkers on the gaint board and play on the playground. Once the cupcakes were cooled they went back up to the baking room and decorate the cupcakes with icing, fondant and sprinkles. Each child got to bring home 3 cupcakes. 

If your ever in Ballybunion over the summer and looking for something to do, please consider this amazing place. Ypu can play golf or take one of their kids cookery courses. Just click the link and you'll get all the detail on the resort. 

What are you favourite places to go over the summer holidays? Share them in the comments below. We're still looking for something to do before school starts.

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  1. Crazy golf is great fun, Nick is looking into creating one for us at Coombe Mill, this one looks very popular


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