Friday, 8 March 2013

Health and Fitness Friday : C25K

It my favourite post of the week again.

This week has not been great though.

Last Friday, I was still sick. I thought I was getting better. I thought I would be able to get in a run and a class.
Did'n't get a run and didn't make my sculpted abs class. Not happy.
But I'm better now and I determent to make this week a better week.

On the plus side my weight is still the same and I did pretty good with my diet this week. I have had porridge(oatmeal) every morning this week. Not only is it healthier than tea and toast but I was able to cut down on my sugar intake and I felt really full all morning.
Dinners were great. Cooked every night. 

Never made it to group training this week. But I did get out and did some hiking through fields out hunting.
Monday, I went back to my skinny jean class and it hurt like hell. I am never taking a week off no matter how sick I am. But it felt so good to get back to my workouts.

Today I'm heading to my sculpted abs class and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be rough but I can't wait.

We're starting week 7 of the Couch to 5k program.

Brisk five-minute warm-up walk,
 then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes).

Brisk five-minute warm-up walk,
 then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes).

Brisk five-minute warm-up walk, 
then jog 2.5 miles (or 25 minutes).

Somehow I don't think I'm gonna be able for this week so I might have to repeat last week. Either way I'm going to get out and log some serious miles and minutes this week.

My plan for the week.

Friday (today) : Run and Abs class
Saturday :C25K Training
Sunday : Hunt
Monday : Skinny Jeans
Tuesday : Rest
Wednesday : Run
Thursday: Rest

Found these on pinterest and This is what I'm aiming towards.

I'm linking up with Jen over at A Daily Dose of Davis for today's post.

Have a great weekend runners.


  1. I hear you about skipping a class. I missed body works for about 2 weeks. I went back and it killed me. I was sore for a week!

  2. Being sick is the most frustrating thing ever! Especially when you've planned a goal and then the sickies unappologetically interupt your life.

    Good luck with your 5k training!

    -Katie @

  3. I love that obsessed quote! Good for you on making it to week 7! Nothing wrong with repeating a week - you'll just be that much more prepared for next week.

  4. Girlfriend...this was not my best week either. But way to go on the healthy eating!!!! Looks like you have a great line-up of workouts so I'm sure this week will be much better :) LOVE that tank top too...I think I need to buy it. Thanks for linking up girlfriend!!


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