Monday, 11 March 2013

Hop to it Challenge

 Today I'm linking up with AP for the final day of The Dog Days {of winter} are over link-up.

I have planned on doing some decorating for Easter but we have to celebrate St Patrick's day here first.
So instead of my Easter decorations I will share what I've planned for Easter for the kids.

We have a Egg hunt every year and Jasmin invited her friends over and It's great Fun.
We also have a treasure hunt.The kids follow the clues and find different colour balloons that lead to the treasure.

I'm also sharing some of the pin that I'm going to be using of Easter.

I'll be making this for my entryway table. Looks cute and easy.

I can't wait to see Jasmins face when the "magic jelly beans turn into a giant lolliepop.

We will also be playing "Pin the tail on the Bunny". I'm just going to print out this picture and get the kids to pin the tail on the bunny with some cotton balls and double sided tape.

Hop you have a very Hoppy Easter when it gets here.

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