Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Things I'm lovin...

I love sharing things with you guys.
I love sharing interesting things.
Things that I love.

And this my friends I LOVE!

I case you are wondering, they are singing in Irish.
They sound fantastic.
This group did an amazing job.
I love it even more than the original.

I hated Irish in school.
The teachers made it feel like a punishment.
I really wish that I could speak Irish better than what I do.
These young people are an inspiration.
I really hope that they inspire more young Irish kids to embrace the Irish language and speak it more.

The other thing I loving right now is that the school holidays are nearly over.
I'm ready to get back to my normal routine.
I'm also finding it hard to keep up with my little blog.
I need those hour during the day to get everything done.
My little girl needs to get back into her school routine too.
There is such a change in her ( not a good one either) since school finished.
I guess she's bored.

Treat bag toppers that I made. I'm going to put Smarties in a ziplock bag and staple these to the top.

But I'm going to make back to school a fun time here with cupcakes, back to school printables and some new school stuff for her.

And the last thing that I am really loving is that my little blog has been nominated in 4 categories in the Irish Blog Awards.

blog awards ireland

Best Craft Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Newcomer Blog
Best Health and Wellbeing Blog.

I am just over the moon to be on the long list.
I would love to make the short lists but even to be nominated is just amazing.
Thank you all for reading my crazy ramblings.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love that printable. So cute. And what a lovely idea. Is she allowed smarties at school ? Mine aren't at this school that they're on. My 4 year old can't wait to start school and she also seems to be behaving differently since the end of last school year. So I'm hoping it will change when she is back in school as well. I hope that she'll love her new school though since she will be in 'big school' now.
    Congrats on the nominations !

  2. Hi Chan. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. No they don't really allow the kids to have sweets but everyone breaks the rule every now and again. First day of school is a big deal after all.


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