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Back to School : The Hidden Costs

Some of the other bloggers over at the Irish Parenting Bloggers were talking about the hidden costs of going back to school. It turned out that between all of us over there, there was a huge difference in what we all had to pay. We have started a blog march were each day new blog post will be linked to the march.

Today it's my turn.

I wasn't sure how I would approach this. 
I mean how many times can you read about the cost of going to school.
But as I read the other ladies posts, I realise that we are all in different situations.

A lot of the Irish parenting bloggers live in Dublin or in bigger towns across Ireland.
I live in the countryside in Limerick.
The difference in what we all have to pay based on where we live was crazy.
Some of the Moms were paying a contribution of €140 per child per year.
We even have an Irish Mom in the US blogging about how the state pays for all there school books.

It made me realise that I am SO lucky with the school my daughter goes to.
There is no big payment at the start of the year. Nothing!

Here are the costs for me this year.
Photocopying : €8
That's the only thing that I will have to send in with herself on Monday.

Books : €40
I only had to buy 4 school book this year because of a book rental scheme, which made everything alot easier. This price also includes copies, project books, folders, pencils, twistables and a pencil-case.

Book rental : €10
The school are doing a book rental scheme for the English readers and one other book.
They are also offering to photocopy the first class book for one subject so we don't have to buy it.

Uniform : €30 so far
The only things I had to buy this year was a new jumper, socks and polo shirts.
Crested Jumper : €25, Shirts : €2.50 (Tesco) Socks : €2.50 (Lidl)
 The pinafore that I got last year is still perfect.
It was so big for her last year that I had to take it up 5 inches.
I'm just going to let it back down again.
Her pants are still fitting her but I will have to buy some later in the year.
I also have a winter coat and shoes that still fit her.
I'm not including these in the price for school as I would need these even of she didn't go to school.

School bag and Lunch box :€24

Total : €112

Some of the other costs through the year will be 
Art and dancing : €4 per week
School tour : €5 (last year)
Swimming: ???

I don't mind paying for these things. If I only have to pay €4 a week of these things I'm not doing too bad.
They would cost a whole lot more outside of school.

The school will have non uniform days and fundraising days through the year too.
I will happily pay for these too.
They don't set a donation price so you give what you can afford.

I love this school.
The school has been open since 1904
The past 4 generations of my family have gone to school there and I will do whatever I can to help out.
We have a newly built school with amazing facilities and teachers.
They have huge over heads and they are still doing whatever they can to keep the costs down for us.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not well off. I will find it difficult to find money for these things around Christmas. But I will make it work. I have to. I will do it for my daughter.

I am so lucky with my school in comparison to some of the other Moms and Dads out there.
I know that there are parents out there that are wondering how they will cope.
Families on social welfare will get €100 for children of national school age.
That won't even begin to cover the costs if you're child is starting school this year.

How does your school fit in?  Do you have to pay a huge contribution?
Can our government do more to help them out?
Let me know what you think!
 Leave a comment below.

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