Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A New School Year and New Worries

My small girl is back at school with a week and a half now.
I couldn't be happier. 
I'm finally getting back into some sort of a routine and feeling less crazy by the day.
I love watching her walk into school.
She looks so grown up and has matured so much from last year.

Last year, her teacher was amazing.
She made everything so simple to understand.
Had simple homework plans.
It made everything so easy...
For me that is, Ha!

My daughter takes to new things like a duck to water.
She is unfazed by the new school year.
By a new teacher and classroom.
I, on the other hand, am very worried about making sure she does well.

Take Monday.
First night of homework.
I was in such a panic to make sure that we started off the year on the right foot, that I messed it up.
I got so confused that I ended up getting Jasmin to do the wrong homework.
"Mom of the year" right here people.
I thought the days of feeling pressured about doing good in school were long behind me.
I was wrong!
Thankfully, Jasmin didn't even notice how worked up I was.
I'm just hoping that I learn the new teachers ways and can stop the worrying soon.
 I don't need any more grey hairs.


Am I the only Mom that feels like this?
Am I mad to feel "peer pressure" to make my daughter do well?
Please tell me I'm not crazy!

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