Monday, 16 September 2013

Tooth Fairy Prep: Top Tooth Fairy Ideas

Someone in our house has a loose tooth.
Stop! What!
How is it possible that I even have a kid old enough to be loosing teeth.
Where has the time gone?

I am NOT going to get caught out.
I'm getting prepared for this big event.
I'm putting together a list of my favourite Tooth Fairy ideas to help you get ready too.
I'm so nice. Ha!

I really like the idea of glittered money.
Who doesn't love a bit of glitter.
I'm just not sure if this tooth fairy can afford €5 for every tooth.
Maybe just the first one so I can get my sparkle on.

My friend Jen over at A Daily Dose of Davis has this cute shop, The Polka Dot Posie where she sells printables and a whole host of very cute things. 
She made this FREE Tooth Fairy receipt one for boys and one for girls.

I made up my own little receipts for when the time comes.

Hands up who loves cupcakes!
I don't really need an excuse to make cupcakes.
I love these toppers that I found here.
They're just what I need to make this occasion extra special.
Because we're on a budget I might try make some of my own toppers.

I love the idea of tooth pillows.
No digging around under the pillow for a tooth.
I'll be making one for Jasmin myself.
Keep an eye out for a tutorial.

Are you like me and forget everything.
I have to write down every little detail of what my children do so I can look back on it later.
I couldn't find anything I liked so I made this myself.
I can write the date that each tooth was lost.

I really cant wait for Jasmin to loose her first tooth.
She is going to be so excited.
I can't wait to put all my little magical finds into practice.
I'll keep you updated on the process. 

Thanks for Reading.

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