Monday, 2 September 2013

Cow and Gate Fruit Pouches Review

When I was asked to review Cow and Gates Fruit pouches, I jumped at the chance.
We have been big fans of their products since my daughter was a baby.
She nearly 6 now.

I certainly wasn't expecting the fabulous box of goodies that they sent us.

Made of 100% fruit and full of vitamins these are a great first food for babies. 
One pouch contains 1 portion of fruit for a 1 year old and 1/3 of a small child's daily vitamin C requirement.
Every apple, pear and banana that go into these pouches is hand picked.
The bananas are even hand peeled.
Now that is what I call attention to detail.

There are six new flavours:
apple, strawberry & banana
apple & banana
fruit mix
apple & pear

My kids loved all of them.
It took everything I had to stop them from eating the whole lot in one go.

These little pouches are great for busy Moms. 
They don't burst in your changing bag when my son thinks it's a bouncy castle like pots do.
Nobody has time to be cleaning fruit out of changing bags.
You can give them to your kid to enjoy it on their own. So they are great for in the car on the way home from school when

the kids are getting hungry.

Although they are designed with kids of a weaning age in mind, they make a great lunchbox snack.
My daughter takes one to school every day for lunch.
I was very happy with the products and these two gave it a thumbs up.

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