Thursday, 8 May 2014

Easter 5k Recap.

I'm finally sitting down to the laptop and writing about this 5k.
I hadn't a whole lot of training done for this 5k but I wasn't worried about it. I still had some of my fitness and I had ran a few time before the race. It was my first 5k of the year and my sister did it too. She just finished her couch to 5k program and did so well. She used to hate running but has come full circle and rocked the run.

The first mile of the run was mostly up hill. We set out and we were going at a pretty fast pace. I could feel it. I was running at the steady pace that I wanted. I always do this. I get dragged on by the pack and end up killing myself over the first mile. My pace foe the first mile was 10.13. That is an amazing pace for me but I wasn't ready for that. 

By the time we got the the down hill part, I had a huge stitch. I thought I could just jog it off and use the down hill to my advantage but no. The fucker crept up under my rid and was poking my lung. That really doesn't help when your trying to run. I ended up having to walk for a little while and tried to stretch it out. At this point my sister was steaming ahead and I didn't want to hold her back. She worked so hard for this race and I wanted her to get a good time.

I finally got back running but my stitch kept coming back. I decided to "wog" the shit out the the rest of the race. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about. To wog is to walk and jog until you finish the race. Ha! Just go with it.

I finish the race with my little girl. She ran up the last hill with me and loved that she got to cross the finish line with her out of breath Mama. We finished the race in about 35 minutes. I all the excitement I forgot to stop the app on my phone to see my time. Typical.

Was it a great run? No.  Was it completely horrible? No.
Did I learn from the run?

It gave me a mark to work from. I know what I can do now. I know that I need to set my own pace ans stick with it. I know that I need to get more runs in during the week. And I know I need to get better music too.

I linking up with Jen over at JVKom Chronicles for her #20X31  May Fitness Challenge.
I've been getting in my 20 minutes nearly every day. Some days are better workouts and some days are just a walk. But it exercise and I'm keeping active. I hitting the gym next week to do more weights. I know my body reacts well to weight lifting from the last time I did it. Having a baby between then and now means I'm back to square one but I don't care. At least I starting.

JVKom Chronicles

Get out and get active guys!



  1. sounds like a great run my time is usually about the same and oh yes I know exactly about wogging HAHAHA

  2. Stitches are the worst! Seriously. And I feel like they come out of nowhere. I cannot figure the science behind them. So glad you still finished! And thanks so much for linking up with me!


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