Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Life Lately : A Catch-up

I've been a little MIA this past week.
Let me explain.
I decided to take a time out from social media and the internet.
Every now and again I get kind of sick of the internet and trying to keep up with all the different accounts that I have. As much as i LOVE blogging and my social media and all the people that I've met through it, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.
Do you know what I mean??
So I turned off the internet on my phone and shut the lap top. I did check in a little every now and again but it felt so refreshing to not be looking at my phone every 5 minutes.
Hubs was happier too. Ha!

So what has been happening...
We were attacked by the sickies. The two littles got a cough and cold and ended up on antibiotics. Not fun. Paddy woke up barking, that's right, barking at me a few nights and frightened me. Is there anything worse than having a sick child?  Oh and it also meant that we couldn't go and celebrate one of my best friends little girl getting christened. Really wish we could have gone but had to be a responsible parent.

Jasmin had her school tour. Off she went with the whole school. Not a bother in her. When I was her age I was such a baby. I used to cry at the thought of going on a school tour and not being 5 minutes from home. She came back exhausted, happy and with one pigtail still in-tacked. That girl just can't let her hair alone.

I had been working out everyday. Really started getting into it and started enjoying it. I've been drinking alot of smoothies and juices and I find they're making a huge difference to my health. I've suffered with pains in my stomach with quite awhile. Nothing major just certain foods not agreeing with me. But this time it was so bad that I was thrown down on the couch and couldn't function. I ended up going to the doctor and it turns out it could be a problem with my Gall bladder. I'm waiting for an ultra sound and might have to have an operation to get it removed. Oh and pineapple sets it off the most so no more of that for me. :(

We have a 4 day weekend again this weekend. I can't wait to just relax at home in the sun and watch the kids play while I catch up on blogs. And we have less than 20 days left at school. Can I get a woo hoo?? I have loads of activities planned for the kids and I hope to start sharing them here on the blog soon.

Jasmin has been getting on great at school. She finished her library reading list and she is so proud of herself. I listened to her reading 4 books this evening and I can't believe how much her reading has improved over the this school year. So proud of her!!

We're back to normal schedule here on the blog so tomorrow will be my fitness post and Friday will be Favourite Things Friday. It's proving very popular and I love sharing my pins with you all.

Until tomorrow!


  1. oh dear on the kids being ill, glad they are feeling somewhat better. the school year has flown by hasnt it? I am quite addicted to social media as well.

  2. Poor kids and poor you, glad ye're back on track, the temperature changes of this "summer" don't help the little ones who don't want long sleeves in the sun even if it's a bit cold and who could blame them. I regularly do a week offline and find I really don't miss out too much.


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