Monday, 12 May 2014

Lessons in Motherhood: Ten random things I have learnt as a mother

To say that my kids have thought me things since they were born is an understatement. They have helped me grow as a person. They have thought me to be more patient, loving and understanding. They have thought me that I can live an very little sleep or food. They have thought me that I can deal with anything that life throws at me because there is nothing more determined or stubborn than a 2 year old that wants something.

I'm linking up with Learner Mama : Lessons in Motherhood Link up today and below are a some of the many thing I learned over the past 6 and a half crazy beautiful years of parenting.


No matter how much food they have on their plate, yours always looks better and they want yours.

I have to share pretty much everything with my kids. But sometimes this mom just needs to hide in the bathroom and have a cream egg on her own. 

My son can sleep through anything but if Daddy so much as coughs quietly in the morning when he gets up, he'll hear it and there is no more going back to bed 

Sometimes, the couch with a crappy little blanket and a lumpy cushion are better than fighting over 6 inches of space on the bed.

Putting clean clothes on my kids means that with out fail they will get juice/food/dirt all over themselves in about 10 seconds flat.

That my kids poop, puke and buggers are not disgusting. Other kids poop, puke and buggers are the MOST disgusting thing ever and will make you want to vomit. Go figure.

That you will protect your kids with every fiber of your being and God help the people that try and hurt them. Think Mama Bear mode.

That when you open your mouth sometimes your mother comes out. It doesn't matter how much you said that it would never happen. It does. 

That we all need a break from our kids. That sleep overs at Nanas house every now and again are lifesaving. And even though you can't wait for some alone time you will more then likely miss the kids for every second and can't wait to get them back.

That my kids are amazing. They can go from demons to angels in the blink of an eye. They can make me crazy and make me want to lock myself away in the bathroom. But they can make me feel like Supermom and the most loved person in the world. That they are the greatest things I have ever made and I will love them unconditionally forever.

If you want to see some of the other amazing bloggers that linked up head on over to Learner Mama and have a look around.

Happy Monday!!
ox Caroline



  1. Great list. I do miss sleeping by myself, and being able to eat a plate of food without hands sneaking out to grab half of it! It's all worth it though :)

  2. Love your list and yes, my plate of food is always nicer... although sometimes I fill it full of just vegetables to deter little hands ;)


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