Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow {Autumn craft}

Happy Hump Day Friends!
I've got another quick and easy craft here for you today. I love working with popsicle sticks. They're so easy to use. Not too fiddly for little ones either. We've made a Christmas Crib {here} using them too. But today we're working on an autumn scarecrow.

You will need:
8 fat popsicle sticks
coloured paper

Cut a piece of card a little shorter than your sticks.
Glue 7 of the sticks onto the card.
Cut stripes of the coloured paper to look like hair.
Glue this to the ends of the last stick.
Take the last stick and glue it on top of the other at an angle to look like a hat.
Paint your hat brown or whatever colour your little heart desires.
Cut out the eyes and nose and glue them down.
Cut out a flower shape and glue in place with a coloured jewel.
Draw on a big smile and your done.

You can out these on a book shelf or a window sill but I'm going to stick some magnets to the back of mine and put the on the fridge.

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