Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Autumn Scavenger Hunt {printable}

We love going for walks in our house. And we love doing in even more in the autumn. We all love this time of year and there is so much fun stuff to find on even a short walk. We always end up coming home with a collection of items. 

My kids love lists and being able to tick things of their to do list.Yes my kids do chores around the house but this ticking is all fun. I made up this scavenger printable based on things we find around our area but I'm sure you will find most of them anywhere.

Just right click to save it to your computer.

We always have trouble finding acorns around here so when we finally find one, we're going to have cake. 

I hope you enjoy using this. If you do use it, I would LOVE to see your kids having fun with it. Use the hashtag #cgrprintables and let me know.

Here's to lots of crisp, dry day and long walks.
Have a good one!

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