Thursday, 30 August 2012

8 month photo

8 months old! wow still can't get over how quick this little guy is growing.

Teeth: Still nothing!! Enough said!!

Eating: Loves his fruit and still eats everything I give him. Very lucky thank god!!

Sleep: No change here. Still sleeping like a champ. won't say any more here in case I jinx it.

Talking: Loads of chat now. Started saying mama and baba. Still saying ya ya ya and does it i a way that I'm pretty sure he's giving out about something. As of last night he started saying Dada.  (thank god). Thought he'd never say it. Was starting to feel bad for the hubs.

Crawling: He started scooting his butt a little across the floor but only if there's something he wants. Still hates being on his belly but stays there for longer now. Is also able to stand up holding onto something but only if I stand him there.

Still an all round happy baby and this mama isn't complaining.

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