Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wordful Wednesday : Cupcakes and a surprise.

School is nearly here and in an attempt to fit in a last bit of summer fun before she heads off I decided to surprise her with this.

Some lovely cupcakes.

I bake these for everything!!
I'll post the recipe I use on another post. They always go down a treat.

And then the big surprise...

She got to paint in the bath.

This was the coolest thing ever (her words).

She couldn't stop shouting Thank you from the bathroom while I checked on her brother. She decided to paint herself too. Got a bit worried cos I thought I wouldn't get the blue off her knees. But don't worry, no smurfs in this house.

And for all you moms that are worried about the grout turning a funny colour, don't worry, it doesn't.
Washed away with water.

WW comes to you from Seven clown circus. Go check her out here.

Happy Hump Day.


  1. Thanks Stacy. Your my first comment. Will love it forever!!


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