Friday, 31 August 2012

Traditions and making Memories

I'm a big fan of making memories and traditions. Ones that my kids will remember for years to come and pass on to their kids.

A lot of the traditions that we have in our house are linked to the holidays like Easter, Christmas and birthdays. I wanted to have something for all the other times. To make everyday or if not everyday at least every week special.

So today we are launching " Friday night movie night ".
 I've wanted to do is for awhile and We've done it a few times but the cost of having to buy a new dvd every time wasn't very practical.

I found out recently that my local library does dvd rental. If you're a member you can borrow a dvd for free and you have a week to watch and return it.
Sounds good to me!!
So every Friday after school (no homework night) we will be heading to our local library to get a book for bedtime and a dvd for that night.

Haven't decided on the treats yet but I'll talk about them when I tell you all how it went.

What traditions do you have in your house to make life special for you kiddos?
Let me know! Leave a comment!

Happy Friday Peeps!!

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