Thursday, 28 February 2013

A little bit about me

I just realized today that most of my readers don't know much about me. The real me. My loves, likes and the things I loath. Things that you might not know. So, I'm sharing it, here, with you today.

I'll start with the things I love to do. I love taking photos. I always have. I really love taking photos of horses.  I spend most of my Sundays out running through fields , climbing over gates and ditches to get good photos of my hubs and his horse jumping. There is just something about those animals that I love.

That brings me to horses. I have loved these animals since I was a little girl. I begged and begged my father for a pony and one day I got one and the rest is history. I started hunting and that is how I met my husband. I was stranded at a jump and he offered to help. I told him to kindly feck off, as you do, and that I was fine. He liked that I was firey. 10 years on and I'm still that way.

I don't drink booze. Now I used to and I certainly don't miss the hangovers. I gave it up when I met the hubs. Apparently  I don't need it. I'm crazy enough with out it. People still think I'm drunk when I'm not drinking. Must be totally mad.

I can't eat pasta or spaghetti. I just can't put it in my mouth. That's all because my cousin told me they were snails and worms when I was a kid. I would love to sit down and eat a bowl of pasta but it just makes me want to gag.

A food that I do love though is Onions. I love onions. I eat them nearly every day. My favourite way to eat them is with homemade brown bread and a pint of milk. Hubs isn't too fond of my breath after I eat them but they are so yummy. 

I run. I workout. I sweat. But it's not to loose weight. If I manage to loose a few pounds of tone up, woohoo. But the main reason is so I can eat cookies, cupcakes, cream eggs and all the other goodies that I shouldn't be eating. May be a little cookoo but that's me.

I love the smell of baby powder, bluebells, petrol, permanent markers and fresh cut grass.

I hope this little post gives you an insight into the totally mixed up crazy woman that I am.
My mind is a crazy place and I love it.

Tomorrow's Friday peeps.

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