Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn Paper Plate Wreath

I promised you all a quick and easy craft today and here it is.
{A little later than I hoped}

"Autumn Paper Plate Wreath"

This was so fun to do. We had so much fun collecting all the pretty leaves. Trying to find as many colours as possible and learning all about autumn and what happens in the season. I love how you can make an everyday thing into a learning experience for kids.

We had planed to do this with the leaves that we collected but it just wouldn't work for us. I think our leaves might have been too dry. We decided to use some colourful tissue paper ( Tesco for €3) instead and the kids were much happier. Happy kids = Happy Mom.

All you need is:
Leaves/ Tissue paper
Paper plates

Cut the center of the plate out so it looks like a wreath.
Attach the string to the wreath.
Let your kid go crazy with the glue and stick the leaves/tissue paper onto the wreath.
Let it dry and your done.
Hang you kids awesome wreath on the door or window and admire nature indoors.

Make sure to click the link below for more beautiful paper plate wreaths.

Click here

Make sure to keep the middle of the paper plate. I'll have another craft later in the week that you'll need it for. 


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