Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Top pumpkin carving tips & templates

In preparation for our carving day next week, I'm putting together a few of my top tips for making your carving time as stress free as possible and ways to make your pumpkin last longer.

Top pumpkin carving tips:

Top or Bottom? Choose whether you want to cut a lid at the top of your pumpkin, or cut a hole at the bottom. I prefer cutting a keyhole in mine. It makes it much easier for kids to scoop them out.


Use a big spoon or an ice-cream scoop to scrape out the seeds and guts. 

Draw your design using washable markers. It can be removed easily later using a baby wipe.

A small, serrated blade is best to cut your design with.

Don’t panic if the kids get a bit excited and cut off the pumpkins nose by accident. You can use a toothpick to stick it back on.

Vaseline will stop your pumpkin from drying out, so rub plenty around all the cut edges.

Rub the inside of the pumpkin lid with ground cinnamon or my favourite, cloves, to give a lovely smell as the candle heats it.

If your  putting your pumpkins outside, put your candle in a glass so that the wind won't blow it out.

Place an opened packet  of silica in your beautiful carved pumpkin and it’ll make it last about a week longer without getting flimsy and old. Who would have ever thought, it’s perfect!

If your not great at free-handing faces on the pumpkins, you could use a template. There are loads on the internet and Pinterest. Here are a few of my favourites. Here and here.

Do you have any tips that I've missed? Don't be shy! Share them in the comments so that we can all learn the secrets.

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I would be ever so grateful.


  1. Oh the cinnamon is a great idea never thought of that :)

  2. Great tip on the sillica. Would never have thought of that.


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