Thursday, 8 October 2015

Nature Walk Crafts

Hands up who loves Autumn??
I love the colours of the leaves, the crisp air, the due drops on the spider weds and the beautiful jewels that mothers natures brings with her in Autumn.
We collect conkers, acorns, leaves and pine cones when ever we get a chance. The kids love searching for the biggest ones and we really enjoyed making things with our latest finds.

This is just one example of what you can do with Nature walk/scavenger hunt finds. If your looking for something to help the creative juices going on your walks check out me FREE Autumn scavenger hunt printable {here}

We made these little guys using some of what we found. Acorns, chestnuts and matches. You could use toothpicks if you don't have matches. I used a metal skewer to make the holes first to make it easier for the match sticks to go in. Then we drew the faces on with a sharpie. We had hours of fun making all kinds of things. 

Now, go get your wellies on and get outside with your little ones and start collecting.
Adventure awaits!

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