Friday, 30 October 2015

Thankful Days Photo Challenge

Happy Friday Friends. I'm sharing something a little different today. It's still one of my favourite things but with a little twist. Last year I did #30thankfuldays2014 on instagram and facebook. It was my way of remembering what I have to be thankful for in my life. I loved checking the hashtag and seeing what everyone was thankful for. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Ireland but I do my own little thing in our house.

Now that my kids are getting older, they can take part a little more. I have these branched in my hallway. They get decorated with every passing holiday. Right now there are felt fall leaves, acorn bells (that I made and never shared, oops) and mini felt Halloween figures that I also made. 

Once Halloween is over, the branches will become 'Our Thankful Tree'. We'll cut out leaf shapes on coloured paper and write down things that we are thankful for. More about that later.

Anyway back to the photo challenge. Each day from November 1st, I'll be sharing a photo on my social media accounts with the #30thankfuldays2015. I'm inviting you all to join in. It's never a bad thing to remember the good in your life and what you've got to be thankful for.

I hope that you will join me again this year and share a little positivity around. Share what makes you happy. What makes you thankful. It can be anything. Nothing too big or small. 
Feel free to share the photo around and invite anyone you think will enjoy the challenge.

Have a great weekend!

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