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20 Questions :Getting to know the Blogger

Welcome to the first installment of 20 Questions: Getting to know the Blogger. This week were talking to Ellen from Bumps and Roundabouts. A busy mom of one with another on the way. Follow along on her adventures in parenting on her social media accounts FacebookTwitter and Instagram


Hello, I’m Ellen and I blog over at Bumps and Roundabouts. I am Mom to one toddler, with the ability to smell out biscuits from over 5 miles. I am also due his partner in crime in March this year. I blog about everything and anything from parenting to baking, make up to TV shows, all the bumps and roundabouts I encounter in life.

Favourite childhood book.
Granny Perkin’s thinking cap – My mom would read it to my cousin and me when we were growing up and it will always be the book that I think of when I think of my childhood. Sadly, I never held onto my original one but luckily I tracked one down a few years ago and have given it to my Mom to read to Aidan as he grows up.

Favourite quote.
“Everydays the first of the rest of your life”
or “Tigers don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep”. It really depends what sort of mood I’m in but those two are ones I tell myself a lot.

Favourite clothing store.
Penneys! I think all girls love Penneys (Primark). The trouble is I go in for socks and come out with three full bags and one empty purse.

Favourite song/band.
I got ahead of myself I see.. As I said above my favourite song is ‘Angels on the moon’ by Thriving Ivory. Who would also be one of my favourite bands. 

Biggest fear.
Coffins. I can’t see one without panicing and usually crying. Strange, I know. I don’t have a fear of dying – just coffins. I want to be burned and put into the bin when the time comes.

Any piercings/tattoos.
I had my ears, tongue and bellybutton pierced but I have let them all close up. I have 5 tattoos – my arm, back, neck, side and ankle.

Weird quirk of mine.
All the hangers in my wardrobe have to match. I bulk order hangers from Amazon. Metal ones with different coloured handles. Aidan’s wardrobe also has matching plastic hangers I bought from Tesco. Clayton’s wardrobe gets all the mismatched hangers! 

Something I like to collect.
Cleaning products. I will always have an unopen 6 pack of sponges, scouring pads, 2/3 extra bottles of bleach, extra bottle of fabric softener, floor cleaner. You name it, I have spares. 

The more of these questions I am answering the weirder I am sounding, right?

Favourite comfort food.
Anything with sugar – chocolate, jellies, biscuits!

Dream job.
Being paid to be a parent? Right now there is no job in the world that would trump getting to stay home with Aidan. However, when the time comes I hope to use my Chemistry degree and work in a research and development lab.

Favourite thing about me.
They say Irish people can’t take a compliment so how do they expect us to compliment ourselves? Can I say I like my top and then follow up with “This? Penneys €4!”

Worst habit.
Procrastinating. I have been meaning to get my flu injection for about 6-8 weeks now and make an appointment to get my haircut for about 6 months. If it’s not for Aidan or absolutely necessary I tend to keep putting it off. 

Guilty pleasure.
Big Brother. Although I am not too interested this year compared to other years.

Something you miss.
Living at home, baby free, not knowing anything about bills or budgeting. Don’t get me wrong if I had to move back in with my parents I would probably cry but I do miss the easier days of having someone else paying the bills, making the dinner and tidying the house.

3 things you would take to an island
Assuming all the important people are already there… my phone, tea bags and Dettol wipes. Aidan will sniff out any food that may be present anyway!

Last time you cried.
The other night when I watched ‘Dear Zachary’. It is of the same genre as Making a Murderer but if you’re going to watch it DO NOT Google it first. It’s on Youtube, but be prepared you will cry.

If I won the lotto.
The usual stuff – buy a house, a new car, give money to family, help charity and go on a crazy spending spree! Ideally, I would also love to buy one of the many ghost estates around the country to help with Ireland’s ever growing homelessness issue.

What makes me feel better, always.
Aidan. One smile can fix anything.

Where I most want to travel.
Bora Bora. It is self-explanatory surely. It looks so beautiful and relaxing.

Where I want to be in 10 years.
I want to have a happy and healthy family. Anything else is a bonus.

**Calling all bloggers, moms, small business owners or anyone that's interested**
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