Friday, 21 December 2012

DIY Snow Globe

This is the simplest but most amazing thing I have ever made. I made these last year with Jasmin for her Nana and she loved it.

School holidays mean a gift for the Teacher. I didn't wanna get flowers or chocolates cos I'm pretty sure she would have loads of them. So we went with the Snow globe.

All you need is :
A jar (I used an Tesco apple sauce jar. It seems to be a good size)
Glitter and small table confetti
Ribbon to decorate.

Glue your ornament to the lid of the jar. Let it dry.
Put in the glitter and confetti. The course glitter is better if you have it.
Add the water and a few drops of glycerine. This makes the glitter float more.
Screw on your lid and check it's not leaking.
Add a ribbon or bow and your done!

Suprise some with a home made gift from the kiddos this year. They'll love it. I promise!

Only 4 more sleeps!!

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