Thursday, 13 December 2012

Crafty Creations : Popsicle stick Crib

These little cribs a perfect for the kids rooms. Jasmin loves hers and I don't have to worry about her breaking my crib.

You will need:
6 fat sticks
1 skinny stick
glue gun

Cut your sticks like this.

Take the 3 full ones and two half ones to make the main structure of the crib.

Next add your Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Then add your Angel and the small sticks for the Baby Jesus' crib.

Get your little one to paint it like in the picture and add tinsel around the angel. Use a sharpie to make to eyes.

And there you have it. A pretty little crib perfect for kiddos or as a gift from them to the Grandparents.

I'm trying to do a post a day up to Christmas on something we have baked or crafted over the Christmas.
Check back tomorrow to see what we get up to.

Thanks for stopping by.

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