Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas bucket list

It's here!! CHRISTMAS!!! I love Christmas! I always have. I blame my Dad for this. I start thinking about it in July normally. Mad, I know.

I just love everything about it. The decorations, the smell of the tree, cooking, baking, open fires, the cold weather, drinking hot chocolate, Christmas movies, family time together, driving around to see the lights, Christmas music. Everything. Oh and crafting. How could I forget.

I love the way everyone just slows down at this time of year and enjoys time with their family.
I try to make Christmas as special as possible. Not only to make it good for my kids but so that they will pass on the traditions that we made together to their kids in years to come.

Here is my 'Christmas Bucket List'. I haven't ticked everything off the list but I'm working on it.

  1. Make a CD or iPod playlist with your favorite Christmas songs. Have it ready as background music for all the other fun stuff you're going to do! 
  2. Start a new tradition of making Christmas ornaments. Imagine decorating your tree when your kids are teenagers and looking back at those little ornaments you made so long ago!
  3. Movie night with favorite Christmas treats. Actually, Christmas movies all month long!! 
  4. Some of our favorite Christmas movies:
    The Santa Claus 1,2 and 3.
    The Muppet Christmas Carol
    Miracle on 34th street
  5. Take your little kids to the pound shop to pick out gifts for their brothers and sisters.
  6. Have a cookie decorating party. 
  7. Get family pictures taken.
  8. Go out for a cheap dinner. Keep it the same every year (for tradition's sake!), and then drive around and look at lights.
  9. Visit a Live Crib.
  10. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  11. Have a Car Express! Watch Polar Express, or another Christmas train movie. Then, after putting kids to bed early (but before they fall asleep!), gather them up and present them with their golden ticket while the conductor (dad) whisks them off to the car for more lights and Christmas music.
  12. Decorate your Christmas tree while sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.
  13. Let Nana take the kids shopping for Mom and Dad.
  14. Bake a Christmas treat and visit an elderly relative, godparent or neighbor,
  15. If you make New Year's resolutions, write them on a slip of paper and put them in your stocking. Next year you can see how you did!
  16. This one is just for the girls -- have sparkling cider and give each other pedicures! Or Mom gets to do them all if your girls are too small. Christmas music and/or a movie is a must!
  17. Go shopping for Christmas ornaments. Each person can pick out a favorite ornament, or one that represents a special interest or event that year.
  18. Make Christmas cards for friends and families.
  19. Let the kids open a present on Christmas Eve -- new pajamas! Not only is this a fun tradition, but it ensures they will be dressed in cute pjs for Christmas morning pictures. 
  20. Visit your town square if they decorate for Christmas.
  21. Read "The night before Christmas" story on Christmas Eve.
  22. Have a special Christmas breakfast, like pancakes or chocolate muffins.
  23. Have a "sleepover" around the Christmas tree. Lay out blankets on the floor, watch Christmas movies, and eat special treats. Then carry the kids to their beds as they nod off.
  24. For Christmas, ask Santa to bring the family a new game. Then play it that afternoon! 
  25. Make Christmas crafts and homemade decorations.
  26. Attend a local Christmas concert 
  27. Attend a candlelight service with your family
  28. Give each child a new ornament that represents something important they did that year.
  29. Have a Christmas party full of fun, minute-to-win-it games. The games are simple enough that kids can do it. 
  30. Set up candles (or use glow sticks) in your bathroom, and give the kids a candlelight bubble bath. Or take one yourself!
I hope, if you haven't got a Christmas bucket list already, that you make one to pass on the your kids. and they can pass on to their's in years to come. After all Christmas is all about family and making traditions.

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