Monday, 8 July 2013

My Biggest Weakness : 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose

I have lots of weaknesses. Everyone does.
Chocolate is probably my worst one but seriously, who wants to here me talk about chocolate.
( now I want a piece of chocolate, Ha!)

My biggest weakness or personal flaw would have to be forgetfulness. 
I forget everything.
I am that person who will be told "Don't forget the (fill in the blank)" and sure enough I will forget it. 
I will walk into a room and forget what I came in for. 
I have forgotten doctor appointments.
I even forgot to meet a friend one day.

<52 weeks of blogging> <my country girl ramblings>

I can't help it.
I'm not sure why this happens to me.
It drives the Hubs crazy.
Many time he will have asked me to bring something from town and I will totally forget it.
It has caused arguments and I fell really bad for doing it.

Maybe it's me Mom brain. 
Maybe I have short term memory loss.
I don't know.
<52 weeks of blogging> <my country girl ramblings>

But I am working on this.
I'm making lists. Lots of lists.
Putting reminder in my phone. This one cracks people up.
But it's helping.

Hopefully, by making all these lists and setting reminders, I won't forget to pick up my kid from school again.
Ya, I forgot. 
(But in my defence, they did change the time and give them a half day at the last minute. I was only 5 minutes last)

Here's hoping!!
<52 weeks of blogging> <my country girl ramblings>

But that is my biggest weakness/flaw.
Do you have any tips to help me remember things?
Leave a comment and help me out.

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52 weeks of Blogging with a Purpose.

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  1. hahaha!!! i'm cracking up! I do that too! walking in a room and forgetting what I came in for! drives me nuts!


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