Friday, 12 July 2013

Health and Fitness Friday : Not so much

I'm back linking up with Miss Jen for Health and fitness Friday this week.
We missed last week and it was a good thing.
I had nothing to report.
Well I had but it wasn't anything good.


July has not been good for me. 
I've been so bad.
One run.
And it wasn't even a good one. My legs gave up and started cramping.
I'm blaming the heat. 
We are having a heat wave here in Ireland.
Temps are up in the 30's.
My little Irish body is NOT used it this heat.
The only exercise that I'm getting is running around having water fights and bouncing on the trampoline.
I should be a little more worried considering I have a 10k on the 20th.
I'm so not ready!!

But It ok.
I'm enjoying the Sun.
I'm enjoying time outside with my kiddos.
It won't last. It never does.
And when it's gone, I'll get back into training.
For now, Water fights and getting some well needed vitamin D is all I'm worried about.
I can even walk some of my 10k if I need to.


I'm not even going to pretend that I've been eating healthy.
I have not.
Ice-cream, cakes and everything I'm not meant to be eating.
But like I said above. I'm blaming the heat.
When it's gone, so is the bad diet.

So when the sun is gone or even if it cools down just a little you'll find me workout out or running or just not being a lazy bones.

Here's to getting it right... Tomorrow! Ha!

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Happy Friday Friends.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It sounds like we all have been doing a little slacking lately. That's ok. We'll get back to it. I posted the recipe you asked about today on my blog. Have a great weekend!

  2. The heat is definitely a factor!! Thanks for the motivational quotes. Have a lovely weekend

  3. Girl...this heat is KILLING ME!! The heat and our vacation schedule. I've been eating like crap and blowing off workouts. I could just sit around and feel guilty about it but like you said...tomorrow is a new day to get it right!! Here's to a better rest of the summer for us :-)


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