Friday, 26 July 2013

Health and fitness Friday : Bye Bye Night Owl

It's time for Health and Fitness talk today.

Last Saturday I had my 10k run.
It was 31* when we were running walking.
It was so hard.
Hot and hard!!
I'm still waiting for some photos to put the post together but I hoping to do it this week.

I did much better this week with Fitness.
I did ab work 3 days and did lots of stretching.
I needed to stretch after the 10k.
I was very stiff and sore.
No runs but I'm starting back tonight hopefully.

Jen and I were going to try to be early birds this week.
The plan was to see if getting up early made it easier for us to do all the things us women have to.
I got up early 2 mornings and I got quite alot done.
But the night owl in me is not giving up without a fight.
I forgot that to get up early you need to go to bed early. Doh!

I'm setting my phone to remind me to go to bed early.
Sounds crazy, Right?
I'm hoping to be in bed for 11pm and up at 6.30am.
In bed for 11pm!
Not get up off the couch and start turning off the lights, locking the doors and putting in the dog and end up going to bed closer to midnight.

I'm going to tweet Jen when I get up and hope we can keep each other motivated.
My favourite hashtag I'm using at the moment is #SlackerNoMore .
If you want to join in on our quest to not be slackers use to hashtag so I see what your all up to.


I made dinner every night this week.
Healthy options. 
And I have made much better choices when it came to snacking.
I picked at fruit and fresh peas.
I love fresh peas.

The other thing I was meant to do this week was try yoga.
I have been meaning to try this all week. 
Jen posted a great video in her post last week.
I need to this for a de-stressing workout.
I suffer from tension headaches and this will help for sure.

So this coming week these are my goals.
Go to bed early.
Get up early.
Eat healthier.
Be happy.

That it for this week.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I don't think it's crazy to set the your alarm to remind you to sleep. I just started a new schedule at work and getting enough sleep has been a challenge for me recently so I completely understand it.


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