Thursday, 11 July 2013

DIY Water Bombs : A Cheap & Fun DIY

I'm loving the Summer right now. 
The Sun in actually shining here.
It doesn't happen too often here.
We normally have coats on in Summer because of the rain.

But this summer has broken records.
We've been having temperatures up in the 30's.
They kids have been outside as much as they can but the heat has been getting to them.

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What's a sure fired way to cool down in the heat?

Water Fights!!

I love a good water fight but I don't like the clean up.
I also don't think Mr P would appreciate being whacked with a water balloon.
After a quick search on pinterest I found these.
<Water bombs>< My country girl ramblings>

I bought a pack of sponges in Tesco for €1.55. 
Cut each sponge in half and then cut each half into about 9 strips.
Tie 6 strips together with string or a small cable tie. 
You done.
Go outside and have some fun with the kids.
I got 9 bombs out of 1 pack of sponges.

We had great fun with these.
We ended up not throwing them because our aim sucked.
So instead we just splashed each other by shaking the bombs at each other.

I hope you have as much fun with these as we did.
Defiantly the best money I've spent in a long time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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