Thursday, 6 March 2014

Get Fit, Stay Fab : A Weekly Fitness Linkup

Welcome back Everyone!

This week has been bad.
Full stop!!
I didn't work out at all.
I had zero energy and no motivation to go work out.
I was still active though.
I have plenty of stables that needed cleaning out and that was everyday.

The lack of energy could be because I have given up sugar.
For a while now I've wanted to try give up sugar. I add it to everything. Tea, cereal, desserts, everything. I know it's disgusting but it wasn't always like that. I started out having one sugar in my tea and when I got used to that and the sweetness wasn't as strong, I added another and then another. In the end I was adding 4, yes 4 spoons of sugar to my big travel mug of tea. and I was having that a few time of day. That is a lot of sugar but I needed it. I craved it. 

And then I had enough. I was sick of feeling like a prisoner in a crazy cycle of the more I got used to it the more I needed. So last Thursday, I stopped adding sugar to everything. I'm using a sugar replacement called Splenda. Instead of having 20 calories per spoon of sugar, I'm having 2 calories. That's a huge amount of calories that I was wasting everyday.

But the side effects are not nice. I'm having cravings, headaches, mood swings and lack of energy. I'm hoping that it gets better and that I'll be able to give up more sugary things in time. I'm still having the odd piece of chocolate when thing get too bad. I'll never give it up all together. I love cake and cupcakes and chocolate and I could never do without them in my life. Just a little less often.

I have noticed that my taste buds have changed in just one week. I can taste the natural sweetness in things and food tastes different but in a good way.


Here is week 5 of Sadie's CrossFit workout plan.
I'll be starting back on week 4 because messed up last week.
I really did miss the workouts but just couldn't find it in myself to do them.
I starting this week with a new strenght.
I'm going to workout more, eat better, sleep more and be better to myself.

How was your week in fitness?
Did you push through and work it?
Let me know in the comments or chat to me on Facebook or Instagram.  All the links are below. Don't forget to link up your fitness posts below and use the hashtags #getfitstayfab4life and #6weekstofab so we can follow along in your progress too.

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