Tuesday, 11 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day : Free Printable Gift Tag

Being Irish and St. Patrick's Day go hand in hand.
I love Ireland and being Irish.
I'm proud of it.
We are a giving nation and we should be proud of it.

I wanted to make up a little gift tag to use for some goodies I plan in giving to our friends when we call over the weekend.

I used these with chocolate but you could use them on a bunch of hand picked Daffodils or a box of homemade cupcakes.

All you have to do is right click and save the file to your computer.
When your printing them off make sure you ave the printer settings to print the tags PORTRAIT not landscape.

I used a Supervalu sandwich bag (small size) to put the Rainbow Gold in. I cut off the zip lock part and tied it off with some green ribbon I had to hand. Then I added the tag and curled the ribbon with a knife.

I love how they turned out and they're ink friendly too.
I'll have a few more tomorrow so make sure to check bake and see what I have then.
I'll also be sharing my favourite Paddy's Day crafts and pins.

I make my printables for the people that read and follow my little blog. So if you use these please head on over to my Facebook page and give us a like. It's nice to be nice after all.

Have a great evening.

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