Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of my favourite weekends ever.
I spent it with my 3 favourite people doing nothing too important.
Just having fun.
It was Mother's day and my little family spoiled me rotten.
We didn't do anything fancy.
That's not our style.
I like the simple things.

 My kids are young so they can't go buy me things themselves. So, it falls to hubs to go shopping. He listened to me complaining for the longest time about my weighting scales and how annoying they were. I can't find the type of battery that they take and it drives me mad when they run out.

Woke up Sunday morning to a battery free weighing scales and the most beautiful mini daffodils. And my little girl had the cutest card made at school with a teabag attached in case I needed a break.

We went for a walk, visited some family and had the yummiest lunch.
Simple and perfect.

This morning I got the best delivery in a long time.
These beautiful mugs came from Colorines Wonderful.
Aren't they just wonderful.
They are hand painted and individually designed for each person.
And the best news for all of my lovely readers is...
I will have one of these beauties to giveaway on the blog tomorrow.
Check back tomorrow for the details on how to win and a peek at some other mugs.

So, How was your weekend.
Did you spend it doing what you love, with who you love?

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