Saturday, 1 February 2014

Katy Hopkins : I am an Irish Mammie

I normally don't post on a Saturday but something inside me had to write this.
If I left it too long, I was likely yo burst.

Katie Hopkins is a woman I never knew existed until her outrageous interview on ITV's This Morning show.
She was on the show talking about how she decided who her kids can play with on the basis of their name or where they live. After watching this interview I was appalled that someone would judge children like this. 
Their CHILDREN for god sake.

I'm not naive. I do know that this happens. I know that in every town, there's "that" part of town. Or "that" family. But would you really stop you kids from playing with them because of that? You should judge people by their actions and words not their name.

If I were to judge Katy Hopkins on her name alone, I would not have much to say really. Pretty normal name. But I would be sorry for doing that. Her actions on The Late Late Show were horrible. She didn't hold back when it came to talking about “full-time mummies” as she sarcastically called them. Tubs, who I love, did try to give as good as she did and stood up for Irish Mammies but she was a woman on a mission.
 "They drop off their kids in their pyjamas or their onesies. They slop off home in their Ugg boots. They meet for coffee, they compare breast sizes [because of breastfeeding]…and then they go back and they pick up the kids. I mean really. That’s it."
Katy  Hopkins, I am a full time mummie as you put it.

I do not pull up to school to drop off my kids in my pj's.
I do not own a onesie.
I do not have time for coffee and comparing boob sizes.
I cook.
I clean.
I wash.
All the time.
I spend time with my children.
We play, craft and sometimes do nothing together.
I do not judge people based on where they live.
I do not pick my friends based on their name.
I do not have pictures of myself naked in a field.
I do not spend my evenings on national tv insulting the people of the country
i'm in.
I do not spend time being a judgmental, prejudiced person.
I am a mother.
I chose it. I did not just become a mother.
You also chose to be a mother.
But for some reason have decided it's better to criticize others.

Maybe it's to make you feel better about your short comings. 
Maybe it's because you want the attention.
Maybe you feel the need to justify what you do.
I should not have to justify why I am a full time mother.
Not to you.
 Not to anyone.
And I will never do it again.

You are forgetting that people do judge others by their actions and words and one day your children will see what kind a person you are. 

I have pity for you when that day comes.

PS. Irish Mammies Rock!!


  1. Ah she is just bonkers. You certainly do not need to justify what you do to her, as I doubt on any level if she would or more importantly could understand it.

    1. Thanks you my dear. After today I will never justify what I do as a mother. We are all amazing.

  2. As previous commenter said 'she's bonkers', Full time mothers have a tough job. I work for money very part time & the days I'm doing this I'm not half as tired as days spent with the kids. We need to ignore these ones, they only get airtime because they are controversial.


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