Monday, 3 September 2012

First day of School. (Yay!)

Today is a very big day in our house. My little girl heads off to 'Big school' as she calls it. All clad out in her shiny new uniform and new school bag in toe.


It has been the fastest four and a half years of my life. I remember the day I brought her home from the hospital and now it time for school. This school business kinda crept up on me. The real work starts now. Homework and trying to instill the importance of doing good in school.

But before I get frightened by the thought of all the scary stuff that comes with school I must remember that I will once again have a relatively quite house. My Jasmin has energy to spare and I will be glad to have something to channel that energy but i will miss her like crazy and think of her every minute.

Jasmin with her little brother.

 Find out how we made our "1st day of school sign! here.

No tears or fussing from either of us. Thought I'd be a blubbering mess but I held it together.

My baby is growing up!

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