Friday, 26 April 2013

Health and Fitness Friday : My 5k

It's that time again!


It's been 3 weeks since my first 5k run but it's only now I'm writing about it. 
It was amazing.
I can't believe I finished it.

Me and my Mom on race day.

There were over 800 men, women and children at the run. I was a bit nervous because I could have got in more training before the race but life and kids got in the way. The course was tough and had some hills. One of them was called "Cardiac Hill". It was a tough course for my first 5k but I finished it.

I made some mistakes that I said I wouldn't do. I started out way too fast. I nearly didn't make the first mile mark. I had to stop and get my breath back. Steady myself. When I did get my shit in gear I was doing ok until I got to the bottom of Cardiac Hill. That hill was like trying to go up the wall of the house. No way I could run up there so I walked like everybody else did. Once I got to the top of the hill it was all down hill from there. I got a good pace going and my breathing was good. 

At the bottom of Cardiac Hill.

When I turned into the finish line I got overwhelmed. I could feel tears building up. I had finished it. I was done. I was so proud of myself. My time was 35.04. Not too bad considering the course.


 My health is gone down hill since the race. I got the Mother of all flu's and it kicked my ass for 3 weeks. 
I couldn't shake it!
I have missed all my classes since then too and I miss them.
I'm hoping to get back on track next week and start a new workout program.
Beach Body Bootcamp here I come.

I'm linking back up with Jen over at A Daily Dose of Davis.

Happy Friday!

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  1. SO glad to have you back today sweetie and what a post to come back to. I am SO PROUD OF YOU FOR FINISHING!!! Your first 5K is in the books. Isn't the feeling you get at the finish line indescribable??! It makes it all worth it. And to have such a hard, hilly course for your first one!! You are a rockstar!! I will be sure to add your shout out to next week's post :-) Glad to have you back!!!


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