Monday, 29 April 2013

My running wish list.

I am in some major need for some new running and fitness gear.
I need to get fitted for some good running shoes. My mom has arthritis in her knees and that got me thinking I better start looking after my knees and running in crappy runners in not the way to go.

I also want them to look super cute. These guys fit the bill as far as I'm concerned  And I'm hoping that in some mad fit the hubs sees this post he'll "surprise" me with something on my list.

The Nike Pegasus. The fact that it called Pegasus and I love horses is also a huge bonus for me. I think I could run super quick in those amazing purple ones.

I totally fell in love with these cute running skirts that Molly and Rachel wore when they ran the DC half this past weekend. I might have to find a version over this side of the pond when I start running better times. Something to look forward to.

Jen over at Boys will be Boys sent this cute workout top to Jen over at A Daily Dose of Davis and I may have to get this printed on a shirt soon. I'm starting a 30 day squat challenge and this is perfect for it.

Thats it for now. I hope the hubs reads this when it's left open on the ipad by mistake.

Happy Monday peeps!

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