Friday, 10 May 2013

Health and Fitness Friday

It's my favourite post of the week again.
Linking up with Jen for Health and Fitness Friday.


Friday I went back to Beach Body Bootcamp. It went much better time time. Didn't need the sick bucket at all. I'm loving this work out. It's challenging me so much. It's working every part of my body. 

Did my squats too didn't find them too hard but they are getting harder to do. I think i@m going to have to play these squats by ear. I don't want to push my legs too hard and not be able to run or do my BB Bootcamp. I'm doing lots of legs and butt exercises in my class so I'm not too worried.

In case you missed it lat week, this is the 30 day squat challenge.

Didn't have a class on Monday because of the Bank holiday but I got plenty of exercise cleaning out horse. Plenty of cardio and a good arm workout.

Wednesday was BB Bootcamp again and this time I rocked it. I gave it everything I had. I sweat like real women do. Thought me and another girl would need the sick bucket but we survived. 3 circuits with 8 stations again. The time in these classes go really fast. You have a 45 minute workout done before you know it.

Thought I would get to go for a cycle or run this week but the weather is just awful here. Rain and wind in MAY?? I'm totally sick of it. I may have to sweet talk the hubs into getting a treadmill so I can get in my runs. 
A girl can only try, right??

Today, I'm heading back to Beach Body Bootcamp. I just hope I won't need the sick bucket.Ha!

Tomorrow Morning at 4am I'm running a 5k. Thats right...4AM!
A small bit crazy but it's for an amazing foundation, Pieta House, Suicide Crisis Centre.
I have know way to many people who have taken their live through suicide and even writing this and thinking about them is making me well up. So, if getting up at 2am to go running at 4am makes even a little difference and helps someone who is suffering, then count me in. 

Plan for the week
Friday : Beach Body Bootcamp 
Saturday : Darkness into light 5k
Sunday : Couch to 5k training + 130 squats
Monday : Beach Body Bootcamp + 135 squats
Tuesday : 140 Squats
Wednesday : Cycle + rest
Thursday : 145 Squats


Health wise I'm good. Still need to lower my sugar intake but I'm working on that. I found out that bread is my enemy. I went a whole month without bread and didn't think anything about it. But I got a major craving for it last weekend and had toast every morning and even through out the day. Fast-forward to Tuesday and I am a bloated mess. Jeans that were fitting me 10 days ago were now really tight on me. My stomach was sore to touch and really bloated and I'm blaming the bread. I'm now on a bread boycott and hoping that fixes the problem. Does anyone else have that problem with bread? Would love to know how you cope?

That's it for me this week.

Please pray that I manage to get up out of bed at 2am. Not going to be easy.

Happy Friday peeps!!

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  1. First, I have totally abandoned the squat challenge because my legs were getting so sore!! I think it's a great idea, but I do so much leg work in Ripped in 30 and I've been trying to run more. I think the thing I really need is an arm challenge!! I have Bingo wings!
    Second, so proud of you for getting up at the crack of dawn for a 5K! It will probably be your best one :)
    Third, I have serious issues with bread sometimes. But, what you described is what happened to a friend and she ended up finding out she has a gluten allergy! Not trying to be a hypochondriac. Ha! But listen to your body and see if it happens again.
    Thanks for linking up again sweetie!!


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