Thursday, 27 February 2014

Get Fit, Stay Fab : A weekly Fitness Link up

Welcome back everyone!
How was you week of fitness?
Did you workout?

In case you new to these parts let me fill you in on what being happening.
A few weeks ago I came across Sadie and her amazballs workouts that she was setting up for all us stay at home moms or busy working moms or anyone who really wanted a workout that you can do at home and didn't need any fancy equipment. I can't say enought good things about these workouts. They really are easy to do and I really enjoy doing each one of them.

Here's the link to the first two weeks.
Make sure you read the links in the first post. They are really important and full of very good info.

This week, I managed to get another workout in. My body is finding it easier to recover from the workouts. My legs are able to do more squats and my arms are getting stronger.
I did 3 of this weeks workouts and I got a days hunting in too. That's two and a half hours up on a horse. Cantering around jumping whatever comes in our way. Total body workout. Trust Me!

I'm still doing some of the moves slightly modified. Like push-ups. I just can't for the life of me do a proper army style push-up. But I will. Someday. For now I'm doing the girly one but it's still tough. And I can honestly say that I don't think I will ever be able to do a pull up but I'll keep trying.

I said last week I needed some new music to workout to. I have fallen in love with one song in particular and I love the better life message behind it.

I'm loving a few of their songs right now, Swedish House Mafia's song "don't you worry child" is also a good one. And Shakira and Rihanna have a great one out at the minute that is great for running to. And I love me a little Pharrel and his song Happy. It just puts me in a good mood.
Do you have any favourites?
Let me know, K?

Here's week 3 of the workouts people.

I'm also trying to give up sugar and cut way back on the sugary things I eat. The headaches are killer and I feel like shit but I'll be worth it. If you have any tips on helping me to give up this lovely sweet drug of mine, please let me know.

Keep using the #getfitstayfab4life on instagram if you post any photos.

Don't forget to link up any of your fitness posts below.

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