Thursday, 20 February 2014

Get Fit, Stay Fab : A weekly fitness Linkup

Welcome back everyone!
How was you week of fitness?
Did you workout?

I managed to workout 2 days this week using Sadie's 6 weeks to fab workout plan.
I wanted to do more.
The workouts are great. 
Easy to understand and follow but my god do they make you work. My poor legs were screaming at me while I was doing it. I could feel all the muscles that I was using. And I could feel them for days after too.
That right there is why I'm doing this. I need to feel like I'm doing something. It's also the reason that I only got two workouts in. I wasn't able to walk after the first workout. My kegs were killing me in a good way. I knew that I had worked and done something good. I don't feel bad that I only got two in. It's two more workout than I did last week and I going to get more again this week.

It's all about making every day count. Making everyday a workout. I'm trying to be more active in my everyday life. Taking the stairs or walking around town instead of driving around. Doing more with the horses. Getting out and playing with the kids. All of these things will help me in a small way. Making me fitter and more able to do my workouts.

This is the workout plan for week two of Sadie's Workout

If your late to the game, head on over to last weeks post where I have week one workouts and all the links you need to read to make sure you have all the information you need. Sadie has really checked all the boxes when it comes to this workout.

The pther thing I'm struggeling with is finding music to use while working out.
Do you have some favourites that always push you to do more?
Let me know. Send me an email or comment below and I'll see if I can find any to share next week.

Don't forget to link up and if you happen to share any pic of your progress on instagram use my  #getfitstayfab4life hashtag and sadie's #6weekstofab hashtag.
I wanna see who else is trying to get fit and stay fab.

Add you link below.


  1. I need to try this plan. My workouts have been slacking lately.

  2. They are so easy to do and they kill me every time I do them. I workout yesterday and my poor legs are still sore. Link up and let me know how you get on. I know you'll rock it girl.


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