Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I'm guilty of these 6 things.

I am guilty of these things.

I forget everything.
I don't mean to. But I have the worst short term memory in the world. Ever. Ask me what happened 2 years ago. No problem. Ask me to get bread and milk from the shop and I'll come home without it.

I swear. Alot!
My husband tells me I swear like a fishmongers wife. Whatever that means. But sometimes it just feels good to say f*ck or Sh*t. I just can't bring myself to write it on the blog yet.
Oh, Fuck it!! :)

I'm not such a great friend.
I would do whatever I could to help my friends. But sometimes, life and kids get in the way and I sometimes forget to text/ring/call to friends. I'm sorry friends. I will try to do better. Promise!

I love reality TV.
I don't mean big brother and The Kardashians type stuff. I like the ones on discovery. Mountain Men, Alaska: The Final frontier, Swamp People. You get the picture. Real man type tv. They're brilliant. I won't say no to a little Real Housewives every now and again either.

I feel naked without my phone.
My life is in my phone. Without it I wouldn't be able to contact anyone, see in the dark, tell the time, get up in the morning, check my social media 100 time a day or play candy crush. Yes, I know that sounds insane but it the truth.

I eat my feelings.
Great day? Lets have a cream egg. Feeling blue? Lets have 2 cream eggs.
Worst day ever? Eat all the cream eggs.
I have problems.

Please tell me I'm not alone.
Are you guilty of any of these?

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  1. Love it....I'm definitely guilty of forgetting everything and love the expression 'I eat my feelings'!


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