Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to... Balloon animals.

For entertainment for my daughters birthday party I wanted something that people would remember. Something that not everyone would have at their parties. But it also had to be affordable ( I was on a budget).

I found this amazing pack of balloons to make balloon animals but I have a huge phobia of balloons bursting. I know! Your thinking that I'm crazy for sure. But I swear, if I see one of the kids squeezing a balloon it send me into a panic. Maybe I am a little crazy.

Any way, back to this pack I found. I thought I would never be able to do those. But then I saw the instructions.

They were the easiest things to make ever. Not only did I rock with the kids but the Mom's wanted to know how to do it. One even wants me to make them for her kids party.

So here it is. For all you Moms and Dads would wanna rock at your parties.

Sorry for the wonky photography. And I'm pretty sure that you can get those balloons in most joke shops.
I'm going out to buy some more of these for over Christmas.

I would love to see your animals if you ever make any. Leave a link in the comment section so I can have a peek.

Happy Hump day!!

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